Angel Investing

Securities Law – Angel Investing

Angel investing can take a variety of forms, but it remains unquestioned that the Pacific Northwest is a growing hotbed for angel-stage funding. Startups looking for early-stage capital and investors seeking alternative high-risk, high-reward investment opportunities are taking advantage of the growing investment community. Whether you are seeking funding for growth or looking to invest in the next startup revolution, Immix attorneys can help you understand and navigate this landscape.

Angel investing can involve individual investors, investment groups, or even incubators, but all savvy angel investors understand that startup investing is subject to market trends. Because of the volume of work Immix does in this area, we are particularly qualified to assist you in understanding not only the legal implications of securities, contract, and corporate law, but also the practical considerations of market-appropriate valuation and stage-appropriate rights and preferences. In some cases, there are more complex investment structures (such as a hybrid debt instrument) that may best achieve the goals of the company and the investor. Our law firm has great depth of experience when it comes to adapting complex investment structures to smaller growth-stage investments.

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