B Corp and Benefit Company Filings

Business Law – B Corps and Benefit Company Filings

Certified B Corps and Benefit Companies have garnered much attention across the nation, and Portland, Oregon is a hub of social-benefit business. If you are focused on the triple bottom line and considering whether B Corp certification or benefit company registration may be the right fit for your enterprise, Immix is the ideal law firm to help you with this important decision.

Immix Law Group is Oregon’s first certified B Corp and Oregon benefit company law firm. We not only understand the process from a business owner’s perspective, we have been through it. We can help you weigh the pros and cons from both legal and business standpoints. Additionally, we remain heavily involved in the B Corp movement. If you decide to take the B Corp leap for your business, we can help you maximize the benefits of B Corp status.

For further details about Certified B Corps and Benefit Companies, please visit their official website: www.bcorporation.net

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