Contract Law

Contract Law – Negotiation and Drafting

When people don’t understand the terms of the deal, disputes (and lawsuits) happen. Whether you’re acquiring a new business, ordering materials, hiring independent contractors or new employees, or establishing the terms of service for your software product, you need a contract that makes sense and conforms to the expectations and standards of your industry. Immix attorneys take pride in drafting precise and practical contracts for your business.

We also work side by side with you as you negotiate deals using another party’s documents, pointing out pitfalls and suggesting edits to their language so you get an agreement that protects you and your interests. We understand the spit-and-a-handshake mentality, and we know that a lot of business gets done that way. We won’t insist on terms that get in the way of your potentially huge deal. You understand your business, and we help to make sure that your eyes are wide open to the consequences of the contract in all the outcomes, not just the optimistic ones.

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