Employment Law

Employment Law – HR Advice and Talent Management

Attracting and retaining talented team members is important to the success of any business, but it is absolutely critical to emerging and high-growth businesses. A misstep in hiring (or firing) can derail important projects and timelines, as well as cause loss of momentum and undue pain. Our attorneys work with companies from the startup to the enterprise level to assist founders and managers in installing the right infrastructure and incentives to position the company for success at each stage.

Immix attorneys help clients evaluate equity compensation options to get the right team in place at startup (for example, a profits interest plan for an LLC or stock options for a corporation), advise on compliance with laws triggered by number of employees as a company hits growth milestones, and help with day-to-day advice regarding how to navigate employment laws stateside or internationally. Our attorneys work hand-in-hand with business owners, HR managers, line managers, in-house counsel, consultants and third party vendors to find the right-size approach to address urgent issues and to identify strategies to address the root cause.

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