Freedom of Information Act Law

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Law

Our attorneys can assist you or your business with the process of requesting records from federal government agencies through the FOIA, and provide guidance on what steps you may want to consider in order to help protect your business’s own records that were obtained by an agency from being released pursuant to the FOIA.  Additionally, for businesses or other organizations interested in learning about the FOIA, we can provide an overview of the law or a customized training.

The FOIA provides a right to any person to obtain any federal agency records, except to the extent such records are protected by one of nine exemptions or three law enforcement record exclusions.  Businesses may want to utilize the FOIA for a variety of purposes, including obtaining information regarding one’s own company, other companies, policy changes that may have a significant impact on one’s area of business, and statutory or regulatory enforcement matters similar to that which a client is facing.  A business may also want to request agency records through the FOIA in addition to discovery if it is in litigation with the agency.  Further, businesses may want to seek guidance as to how to best protect their sensitive records from release under the FOIA where those records have been or will be provided to a federal agency.

In addition to businesses, many other organizations or individuals seek access to agency records under the FOIA.  For example, media entities, public interest groups, researchers, and other members of the general public may and regularly do request records under the FOIA.  Immix can help you or your organization navigate the FOIA process and better understand the law.

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