Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law – Overview

Every company knows that they should take steps to protect their IP, but intellectual property law can seem intimidating, expensive and difficult. Many companies aren’t sure where to start, and may dread an infringement letter. Immix’s experienced IP attorneys can simplify, explain, and help provide practical IP strategy advice.

According to the Department of Commerce, intellectual property represents the most valuable export of the U.S. and companies that protect their IP see more business growth. Whether it’s developing an initial IP strategy, protecting your brand and trademarks, technology licensing, responding to a cease and desist trademark letter, or IP litigation, we can help you grow your business and protect your valuable intangible assets. While most intellectual property breaks down into four categories—trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights and patents—sometimes a single product can have all four categories represented.

It is important to ensure that your IP strategy matches your business strategy and that all your bases are covered. Immix attorneys have worked with companies in a wide variety of fields and endeavors, from artists to software geniuses, to prioritize domestic and international intellectual property assets.

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