Immix Law Group exists to serve its clients’ legal needs, while never forgetting the business reality faced by each client served. Our team is made up of attorneys who also have substantial non-legal business experience, and who know first-hand what it is like to be a consumer of legal services. We have entrepreneurs, business owners, former high-level executives, former marketing managers, and former creative services providers.

Perhaps even more importantly, we’ve walked in our clients’ shoes, understanding what it means to launch a company from scratch, to stress over the ability to make payroll, the highs of securing a game-changing client, and the lows of being sued by a patent-troll. Our broad-based expertise also allows us to be unrelenting advocates for creating unparalleled, innovative law. Our understanding of these things, coupled with solid legal experience, shapes our outlook on legal strategy and service. In addition, our team believes that providing competent legal service is not enough, so we seek to assist our clients strategically with connections and advice throughout the course of our engagement.