2802, 2017

Equity Compensation

Thinking about offering equity compensation to your employees or independent contractors? Here is some of the information you need to […]

2702, 2017

Unpaid Interns

Arrangements between “for profit” companies and unpaid interns can lead to rewarding experiences for both parties. Interns benefit […]

2907, 2015

Oregon Paid Sick Leave Law

Recently, Oregon joined a growing number of cities and states adopting laws which provide for sick leave for […]

1206, 2015

Regulation A

The New Regulation A: Effective June 19, 2015

As the amended Regulation A (or Regulation A+ as […]

2306, 2014

Fixed Fee Legal

Fixed Fee Legal: How general counsels are creating value beyond the billable hour

We all know that […]

2204, 2014

Trademark Basics

What are the basics of trademark registration?
Most of our clients are aware of the fact that they will […]

2204, 2014

What is a convertible note?

What is a convertible note?
A convertible note is currently a popular fundraising vehicle, with both investors and fundraising […]

2204, 2014

What is a security?

You probably already know that the sale of “securities” triggers legal risks and compliance obligations, but many entrepreneurs and business […]

2104, 2014

Employee Engagement

How Do I Engage my Employees to Produce the Best Results for my Company?

Immix hosted a […]

2201, 2014

Leasing your Commercial Space

As a landlord, what should I consider when leasing my commercial space?

The flexibility that a commercial […]

2101, 2014

Copyright Infringement

How do I use a takedown notice for Copyright infringement?

A copyright is a legal power that gives the […]

901, 2014

Employer Issues in an Age of an Aging Workforce

As an attorney and an HR professional, we have often been presented with the following questions: “How do […]

901, 2014

Copyright Scheme

In recent months several copyright infringement suits have been filed in the Federal District Court of Oregon, alleging […]

411, 2013

Preparing Your Incident Reports

Be Careful What You Put In Writing: Preparing Your Incident Reports

All construction companies throughout Washington and […]

2109, 2013

UCC Search

What is a UCC Search and Why is it Important?

You may not have heard of the […]

409, 2013

What is a Trademark?

Trademarks are all around, and you probably even know them when you see them, but what are they?

2708, 2013

LLC vs Corporation

What is the Difference between an LLC and Corporation?
The first major decision for any new business owner is, “how do […]

2208, 2013

What is a Trade Secret?

Individuals and businesses have a variety of legal rights in the intangible things that create, invent, design or write. These […]

2008, 2013

Rule 506(c) Securities Offerings

Lifting the Ban on General Solicitation in Rule 506(c) Securities Offerings

In a long awaited and widely sought change, […]

708, 2013

When “Substantial Completion” Means Actual Completion

Do you know when your last project was substantially complete? Most contractors would probably agree that substantial completion […]

2706, 2013


With Governor John Kitzhaber’s signature of House Bill 2296 on June 18, Oregon passed a law recognizing the […]

401, 2013

Legislative Update Affecting Sm. Businesses

As I am sure you are aware, there has been a significant amount of uncertainty as to the […]

904, 2012

JOBs Act

In an effort to stimulate job creation and economic growth by improving access to capital, Congress has taken […]

1110, 2011

Protecting your Domain

.xxx is a new sponsored Top-Level Domain (sTLD) intended as a voluntary option for pornographic websites. The voluntary […]