If you are here, then you are most likely looking for a change of environment or new challenges. We are very particular on who joins our team – we believe our team is our extended family. Our viewpoint is this: You spend a lot of time at work; which means a lot of time away from family, friends and pets. It shouldn’t be a bad trade. Your work family and home family should know each other, get along, and want the best for you.

Sound good? Great, read on.

We are a business law firm with offices in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. We are a Certified B Corp – which is really important to us. We have a diverse group of team members with varying viewpoints and unconditional love for one another and our families. We have a happy and healthy culture in our office and even enjoy each other so much that we do stuff together outside the office (gasp!). We enjoy banter, hard work, and a crazy range of clientele that keep us on our toes every day. We also enjoy the occasional workout (we have a mini-gym in our office), and a regular monthly happy hour (we don’t miss those ever). We are kind – and that is important.

We don’t have any job openings at this time, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t accepting exceptional emails of interest. Have what it takes to join our team? Let us know:



Seattle | 206.492.7531
Portland | 503.802.5533