501(c)(3) Application process has been simplified for certain entities.

Update: The early returns are in, and the Form 1023-EZ appears to be significantly speeding up the approval process for tax-exempt status. The average age of pending applications has decreased to approximately two months (at the time of the initial post, it was approximately nine months). Indeed, we have seen an organization receive approval of [...]

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Fixed Fee Legal

Fixed Fee Legal: How general counsels are creating value beyond the billable hour We all know that the business of law is changing. Since the economic decline of 2008, firms nationwide have had to find new ways to control costs and drive value. In this environment, fixed fee legal arrangements have become a key player. [...]

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Employee Engagement

How Do I Engage my Employees to Produce the Best Results for my Company? Immix hosted a Powerup Event on October 18, gathering business leaders and consultants to discuss an important topic for small and growing businesses. Although the topic was branding, we were reminded of the importance of an employee’s role in bringing a [...]

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