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How do I keep former employees from competing against me?

How do I keep former employees from competing against me? After investing the time and money that it takes to launch a new, successful business, it is not surprising that many companies seek to protect their confidential information and general know-how. By signing a simple non-competition agreement (or “non-compete”) with employees or contractors, a company […]

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Is my Worker an Independent Contractor or an Employee?

Is my Worker an Independent Contractor or an Employee? For every business owner, large and small, knowing the difference between an independent contractor and employee is an important one. It is particularly important because, even though it is not always clear, the financial consequences of mistaking a contractor for an employee could be dire (taxes, […]

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2014 Social Media Law in Oregon

Is there a change to social media law in Oregon in 2014? Social media law is changing: effective January 1, 2014, Oregon Law will offer additional protections to employee social media accounts. House Bill 2654 was enacted in May of 2013, effective 2014, to prevent employers from compelling their employees to provide passwords or other […]

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Basic HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules

What are some basics that I need to know about the HIPAA privacy and security rules? Our clients are frequently asked if they are HIPAA compliant. Other than clinics and doctor’s offices, few of them are aware of even the basics. This brief article describes some key provisions of a very broad law. The Health […]

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New Rules for Health Insurance Waiting Periods Effective Jan 1, 2014

New Rules for Waiting Periods in 2014 An employer with a policy that requires a waiting period before an employee is eligible for health insurance coverage should review it to ensure they are compliant heading into 2014. Proposed rules implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act would prohibit employers from imposing waiting periods of […]

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