About Liz Kraus

As a former CEO of a pharmaceutical tool company, Liz gained first-hand experience navigating the challenges associated with managing and growing a start-up business. Liz uses her start-up background to approach legal issues from a business perspective.

What is Indemnification?

Our clients often ask, “What is indemnification?” An indemnification provision is one of the most common and frequently used provisions when negotiating any type of contract, and yet the parties to a contract often don’t understand the meaning. Indemnity is defined by Black’s Law Dictionary as “a duty to make good any loss, damage, or [...]

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Trademark Basics

What are the basics of trademark registration? Most of our clients are aware of the fact that they will need some sort of trademark protection for their brand. The two most common questions we receive in connection with trademarks are when should you register a mark and how. When do I need a trademark registration? [...]

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