About Jerry Carleton

A successful entrepreneur and business owner, Jerry originally went to law school to better himself for the company he and his business partner were launching at the time. Today, Jerry uses those experiences to pair business reality with legal knowledge in advising his clients.

Securities – Revenue Capital Investing

Securities Law – Revenue Capital Investing Many companies in need of growth capital have grown beyond the traditional equity investment phase, but are still not the correct bank-profile fit for straight debt. In addition, some companies are not prime exit-scenario candidates, which can also limit their ability to raise venture funding. Similarly, some investors prefer to [...]

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What is a convertible note?

What is a convertible note? A convertible note is currently a popular fundraising vehicle, with both investors and fundraising companies seeking to use it, but what exactly is it? A convertible note is, simply put, a hybrid between receiving a loan and receiving an equity investment in your company. In essence, an investor loans money [...]

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