Voltage Pictures Lawsuit & BitTorrent Infringement

Voltage Pictures Lawsuit & BitTorrent Infringement This post is an updated version (UPDATED 4/24/14) from the previous post Copyright Scheme. In 2013, several copyright infringement suits were filed in the Federal District Court of Oregon, alleging that defendants downloaded copyrighted films using a technology called BitTorrent. Two such noteworthy cases are Elf-Man LLC v. Does [...]

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Copyright Infringement

How do I use a takedown notice for Copyright infringement? A copyright is a legal power that gives the creator or author of a literary, artistic, musical, or other creative work the sole right to publish and sell that work and the exclusive right to control the reproduction of the work. Violation of a copyright [...]

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Privacy Policy for Websites and Mobile Apps

Short answer-Yes. It’s a typical story for a new business: step one in forming a new company is to name the company. In this modern era, choosing a name requires that you check what domain names are available and secure your digital presence. From the first day of your company you’ll probably be thinking about [...]

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Protecting your Domain

.xxx is a new sponsored Top-Level Domain (sTLD) intended as a voluntary option for pornographic websites. The voluntary domain is intended to create a “red-light district” for the Internet. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assignment of Names and Numbers) approved the .XXX sTLD on March 18, 2011, after multiple rejections over the previous 6 years. It [...]

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