Copyright Infringement

How do I use a takedown notice for Copyright infringement? A copyright is a legal power that gives the creator or author of a literary, artistic, musical, or other creative work the sole right to publish and sell that work and the exclusive right to control the reproduction of the work. Violation of a copyright [...]

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2014 Social Media Law in Oregon

Is there a change to social media law in Oregon in 2014? Social media law is changing: effective January 1, 2014, Oregon Law will offer additional protections to employee social media accounts. House Bill 2654 was enacted in May of 2013, effective 2014, to prevent employers from compelling their employees to provide passwords or other [...]

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Privacy Policy for Websites and Mobile Apps

Short answer-Yes. It’s a typical story for a new business: step one in forming a new company is to name the company. In this modern era, choosing a name requires that you check what domain names are available and secure your digital presence. From the first day of your company you’ll probably be thinking about [...]

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Protecting your Domain

.xxx is a new sponsored Top-Level Domain (sTLD) intended as a voluntary option for pornographic websites. The voluntary domain is intended to create a “red-light district” for the Internet. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assignment of Names and Numbers) approved the .XXX sTLD on March 18, 2011, after multiple rejections over the previous 6 years. It [...]

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