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Is Your Copyright Safe Harbor Departing? Changes to the DMCA registration process.

Changes to the DMCA Procedure If your company offers a website, app or service that allows others to post content, or if you’re a content creator, you’re probably familiar with the safe harbor provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The Copyright Office recently adopted new rules that update the process that has been […]

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Voltage Pictures Lawsuit & BitTorrent Infringement

Voltage Pictures Lawsuit & BitTorrent Infringement This post is an updated version (UPDATED 4/24/14) from the previous post Copyright Scheme. In 2013, several copyright infringement suits were filed in the Federal District Court of Oregon, alleging that defendants downloaded copyrighted films using a technology called BitTorrent. Two such noteworthy cases are Elf-Man LLC v. Does […]

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What is a Trademark?

Trademarks are all around, and you probably even know them when you see them, but what are they? To answer this question we will look at (1) what they are not, (2) how you get them, and (3) how they’re used. The difference between trademarks and copyrights A trademark is not a copyright, though both […]

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What is a Trade Secret?

Individuals and businesses have a variety of legal rights in the intangible things that create, invent, design or write. These are generally known as Intellectual Property and most people are familiar with the big three: copyright, trademark and patent. Lesser known, trade secrets can also offer substantial protection and represent a valuable asset that must […]

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